Frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive my order?

Be sure to see the order delivery details at the beginning of the online store that you are purchasing from. All orders are held until the store closing date and are then processed as a group. Depending upon when you place your order this may mean that several weeks pass before your order is fully processed. Please allow for extra time if you are looking for delivery in advance of holidays or by a specific date. You can always call Special Tees at 585-243-1314 if you need to confirm when the specific store will close. Delivery methods may vary.

Can you add Ithaca logos to items that I already own?

Please call Special Tees at 585-243-1314 to ask about customization. We'll need to know more about the specific item in order to confirm how it may be customized. We can often add logos, names, and numbers to items using embroidery, screenprinting, and/or vinyl. While we will take the utmost care in the handling of your merchandise, Special Tees is not responsible for replacing customer-supplied items that may be damaged during the customization process.

Can you get other merchandise than those items in the online stores?

Yes! We'd be happy to work with you to identify new and different items to include in the online store. Specialy items may also be quoted on an individual basis.

When will online stores be posted for the next sports season?

Online stores will be available approximately two weeks in advance of the season's start. Please read the details about the order closing date and expected delivery times carefully.